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Season 1
1.01The Pilot part 1Text
1.02The Pilot part 2Text
1.03Strange VisitorText
1.04Neverending BattleText
1.05I'm Looking Through YouText
1.06Requiem for a SuperheroText
1.07I've Got a Crush on YouText
1.08Smart KidsText
1.09The Green, Green Glow of HomeText
1.10The Man of Steel BarsText
1.11Pheromone,My LovelyText
1.12Honeymoonin MetropolisText
1.13All Shook UpText
1.15Illusions of GrandeurText
1.16The Ides of MetropolisText
1.18The RivalText
1.21Barbarians at the PlanetText
1.22The House of LuthorText
Season 2
2.01Madam XText
2.02Wall of SoundText
2.03The SourceText
2.04The PranksterText
2.05Church of MetropolisText
2.06Operation BlackoutText
2.07That Old Gang of MineText
2.08A Bolt from the BlueText
2.09Season's GreedingsText
2.11Chi of SteelText
2.12The Eyes Have ItText
2.13The PhoenixText
2.14Top CopyText
2.15Return of the PranksterText
2.16Lucky LeonText
2.18Tempus FugitiveText
2.19Target: Jimmy Olsen!Text
2.21Whine, Whine, WhineText
2.22And the Answer Is ...Text
Season 3
3.01... We Have a Lot to Talk AboutText
3.02Ordinary PeopleText
3.04When Irish Eyes Are KillingText
3.05Just Say NoahText
3.06Don't Tug on Superman's CapeText
3.07Ultra WomanText
3.08Chip Off the Old ClarkText
3.09Super MannText
3.10Virtually DestroyedText
3.11Home Is Where the Hurt IsText
3.12Never on SundayText
3.13The Dad Who Came in from the ColdText
3.14Tempus Anyone?Text
3.15I Now Pronounce You ...Text
3.16Double JeopardyText
3.18Forget Me NotText
3.19Oedipus WrecksText
3.20It's a Small World After AllText
3.21Through a Glass, DarklyText
3.22Big Girls Don't FlyJpegs
Season 4
4.01Lord of the FlysText
4.02Battleground EarthText
4.03Swear to God ...Text
4.04Soul MatesText
4.05Brutal YouthText
4.06The People vs. Lois LaneText
4.07Dead Lois WalkingText
4.08Bob and Carol and Lois and ClarkText
4.10Stop the PressesText
4.11'Twas the Night Before MxymasText
4.12Lethal WeaponText
4.13Sex, Lies and VideotapeText
4.14Meet John DoeText
4.15Lois and ClarksText
4.16AKA SupermanText
4.17Faster than a Speeding VixenText
4.18Shadow of a DoubtText
4.19Voice from the PastText
4.20I've Got You Under My SkinText
4.21Toy StoryText
4.22The Family HourText
A huge thank you to Debby in Albuquerque for the incredible amount of work she put into scanning and formatting the scripts.
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