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Originally Posted By: TaliaJoyA sweet, simple and enjoyable story. This is exactly the kind of LC fic I like, really. Short and not complex, but meaningful, well-done and endearing. One thing I love is you highlighting Clark being great at making
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Originally Posted By: TaliaJoyIt's nice! I like it In the first half of the video, the usage of fade-to-black seemed a little excessive (it was a pretty effective effect, it was just used a bit too often), but other than that, very nice. I can see m
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Hi FoLCs! Here is the update of new fic (gathered typically through Thursday evening). Links at http://www.lcficdirectory.com/pgindex New Stories: 500 Miles by CarrieRene Family Man of Steel (Fan Comic) by Queen of the Capes Protecting Lois by N
Lois and Clark Fanfic
Jump to new posts Re: FDK: Nothing is Impossible (12/14) by Mouserocks @ Yesterday at 08:34 AM

Catching up! Slowly but surely. I loved this chapter! I can't believe still that Sam was in on things, but glad you at least absolved him of Ellen and Lucy's deaths. Looking forward to reading the rest!
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Jump to new posts Re: The dreaded ARGH! by TaliaJoy @ 08/18/17 09:50 PM

I haven't finished watching the series yet in part because I'm stuck in the rut of these episodes, but knowing there's light on the horizon is comforting. lol. The last one I watched was Forget Me Not and I hate Dr. Maxwell Deter SOOOOOO much it's ha
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Jump to new posts Re: FDK: Family Man of Steel #8: Relatives by TaliaJoy @ 08/18/17 09:01 PM

Aww! I like how you draw Clark, he's cute
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Jump to new posts Re: Lois and Clark Rewatch Time Suggestions by Lynn S. M. @ 08/18/17 02:10 PM

Hi NK, My apologies for suggestion more work. I had just been brainstorming and hadn't considered the ramifications. As I mentioned, I wouldn't be able to make it regardless of the time; I had just thought my suggestion might prove helpful to someo
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Jump to new posts FDK: Into The Fire 4/5 by CarrieRene @ 08/17/17 07:12 PM

I am sorry this has taken me longer than I expected to write. It doesn't help that I have to now write it on my phone and/or tablet. I am hoping it does not take me as long to get the final chapter completed. Thank you again for all the feedback.
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Jump to new posts Into The Fire 4/5 by CarrieRene @ 08/17/17 07:05 PM

**My laptop quit on me so I had to finish this on my phone. Thank you once again to folc4evernaday for all of the help. ** Into The Fire 4/5 Bruce paced in his penthouse suite, enjoying the luxury of the Lexor Hotel as he read the morning edit
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Jump to new posts Re: FDK: Relative History, Part 10 FINAL by Marcus Rowland @ 08/15/17 01:48 PM

I hope that the time thing at the end was an alternate universe or something, and that his ideas fix things. Though given how time paradoxes turned out in e.g. Flash the best outcome to hope for is that there was less of a paradox than he and future
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Jump to new posts Re: Welcome New Members - August by Mouserocks @ 08/15/17 11:16 AM

Woah! Eight new friends? Omg I'm so excited! Welcome one and all! I'm Mouserocks, aka Mouse, aka Emma. I'm from Northern California, I'm currently obsessing over the Flash show that I've finally started watching, and I tend to spend time on here in
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Jump to new posts Re: FDK- Protecting Lois 1/1 by Deadly Chakram @ 08/15/17 08:30 AM

Feli, Val - my muse didn't let me out. I chewed through the straps and escaped.
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Jump to new posts Lois and Clark episode watch along! by NostalgiaKick @ 08/14/17 06:23 PM

Hey guys We're going to be starting an episode watch along in Hangouts in the next week or two. It'll be run on Friday nights (ET). If you haven't already, check out the start time poll here. As soon as we get a start time, I'll post more details,
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Jump to new posts Re: Clark's big sister, Kara Kent by Queen of the Capes @ 08/13/17 09:44 PM

Ooh, I've wanted to do a Kara-arrives-with-Clark story for a while now, but still have too much on my plate to really think about it. You bring up some cool points, though!
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Jump to new posts Re: Clark's First Attempt at a Disguise by Lynn S. M. @ 08/13/17 05:41 PM

Hi Morgana, I think that in this cartoonverse, Superman was the real person and Clark was the disguise -- perhaps Superman even came to earth as an adult a la the first few episodes of the Bud Collyer radio series. Even so, I could just imagine him