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Fan Fiction
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Lois and Clark Fanfic (15 viewing)
Fanfiction based on Lois & Clark. Rated PG13 and below.
Moderator: EditorJax, Meerkat
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Re: FDK: Ghost Of A Chance...
(AnnieL) - Yesterday at 03:40 PM
Fanfic Challenge (4 viewing)
Is your favorite author up to it?
Moderator: amciotola, DocJill
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Re: Clark Kent, Reporter
(NostalgiaKick) - 11/25/16 05:27 AM
Original Fiction
For fiction original to the author, not based on established characters and not fanfiction. Rated PG13 and below.
Moderator: Bethy
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Re: Volcano Island comment...
(Tranthzill) - 04/17/16 06:35 PM
Fanfic Related (8 viewing)
Fanfic related discussions and questions.
Moderator: Karen, YConnell
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Lois and Clark Message Boa...
(Dawn) - 11/20/16 09:33 AM
Table of Contents
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Lois and Clark Fanfic TOCs (1 viewing)
Fanfic Table of contents
Moderator: LabRat
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The Assignment (Complete)
(Deadly Chakram) - 12/05/16 11:37 PM
Original Fiction TOCs
Original Fiction Table of contents
Moderator: LabRat
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Re: Terran Underground Ser...
(Nan) - 02/12/16 08:03 AM
FoLC Productions TOCs
Music videos, Fanfic Trailers, Fan Art Table of Contents
Moderator: amciotola, BanAnna
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Music Videos by Folc4evern...
(folc4evernaday) - 11/30/16 01:19 PM
General Discussion
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Fanworks Auctions
Bid on Super fanworks and keep your favourite L&C sites alive.
Moderator: KSaraSara, Wendymr
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Re: Can we write off our d...
(VirginiaR) - 01/12/15 10:14 AM
Fundraising Swag
Moderator: KSaraSara, Wendymr
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Re: PayPal Donation Link
(Lynn S. M.) - 03/17/15 01:20 PM
FoLC Productions (2 viewing)
Music videos, Fanfic Trailers, etc. ...
Moderator: BanAnna, lynnm
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Trailer: Epiphany - Coming...
(folc4evernaday) - Yesterday at 09:32 PM
Lois & Clark
For general discussions about Lois & Clark
Moderator: MissyG, Saskia
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Happy Anniversary!!!
(windfall) - 10/06/16 07:48 PM
Superman Related
All your non-LNC, Superman-related discussions go here.
Moderator: LabRat
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Re: Facebook and Superman
(Marcus Rowland) - 12/03/16 04:54 PM
Off Topic (5 viewing)
For almost anything not related to Lois & Clark or fanfiction.
Moderator: Bethy, EditorJax
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Re: 50 Book Challenge 2016...
(scifiJoan) - 12/01/16 01:56 PM
How To's
For all things technical
Moderator: amciotola, Elena
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Photobucket site down (fix...
(cuidadora) - 11/04/16 05:48 PM
Fun with Polls (1 viewing)
Polling Fun!
Moderator: KSaraSara, TriciaW
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Re: 2016 Kerth Ceremony St...
(amberlea) - 04/22/16 09:28 AM
Superman In Other Canon
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Superman In Other Canon Fanfic
Fanfiction based on other Superman Canon. Rated PG13 and below.
Moderator: LabRat
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FDK - Supergirl Returns 16...
(Marcus Rowland) - 09/06/16 01:07 PM
Superman In Other Canon Fanfic TOCs (1 viewing)
Other Canon Fanfic Table of contents
Moderator: LabRat
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Supergirl Returns 16 - Sin...
(Marcus Rowland) - 09/06/16 01:10 PM