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Author Topic: FDK - Time to Love 5: Led Astray 13/16
Female Hawk
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This is for you, Michael. Hope you're feeling well soon [Smile]


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Top Banana
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Thank you! I have a long day ahead and this is just what I need to get it off to a good start!!!


A writer's job is to think of new plots, create characters who stay with you long after the final page has been read. If that mission is accomplished than we have done what we set out to do, which is to entertain and hopefully educate.

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I don't know... I think Tony isn't Tempus and Lois isn't safe yet. He was just a paranoid hotel owner.

Let's see... in the original timeline Lois wouldn't have been feeling sick, so Barry wouldn't have suspected of lead poisoning and wouldn't have gone to the Western Hotel. Both would have been safe.

Tony's actions were a result of Tempus interference in the past (making Lois ill). But I don't think he is Tempus.

And now story has changed, because in the original timeline Tony wouldn't have had reason to threaten Lois and Barry and wouldn't have been arrested. Lois would remember if Tony had been arrested in her past. How will this affect the future?

And Lois isn't sure about Paul anymore. Could this change her future, too?

Oh, and there is no way Lois will not recognize Robert James when she sees Clark in the future. [Shock]

Okay, my head is spinning so much that it's hurting. [Thud]


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Wow, that was quite a ride. More soon! Laura

Clark: “If we can be born in an instant, and die in an instant, why can’t we fall in love in an instant?”

Caroline's "Stardust"

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Hmm, so Tony isn't Tempus. It will be interesting to see what happens when Paul gets back with Linda. I can't wait to see where you are taking this story. More soon please!


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This is for you, Michael. Hope you're feeling well soon
[Jump] And it must have worked, too. I started feeling better just around the time you posted! Still not a 100%, though [Help]

Inside her chest, her heart reeled, thundering a rhythm of scorching panic. She whirled around, half expecting something or someone to have appeared behind her.
Oh boy. We really should hope this sharing of intense feelings only goes one way. Otherwise, young Lois will have a *very* uncomfortable night.

You need to find young Lois. Now!"

The backdraught of rushing air mingled with the sound of a slamming door, and Clark was gone.

Lois collapsed onto the bed, entangled in an unseen net of gripping, paralysing terror.



Barry had refused to move aside.

[Peep] /still wondering if everyone will make it out of there alive.


"All right." Tony's voice reverberated through the basement, cold and hard. "I'll kill all three of you."

Umm…No, only two of them have lead-allergies.

"I'll give you the hotel," he said to Lois, his voice crackly with desperation. "Half for you, half for Barry. Sell it, and use the money to get your education."
Okay, this sounds a lot like the five stages of grief. First Tony was in denial about Barry and his findings. Then he got angry. And now he’s bargaining. Wonder how depression and acceptance will lokk like with his.

"This is just a misunderstanding. It's nothing that can't be worked out by two sensible people."

"You tried to shoot me," Lois accused.

“A simple misunderstanding? It wasn’t even personal. Just…business, you see?”


Robert James looped Tony's shirt in the curl of his fist and leaned closer. "Did you really think I wouldn't come after you?" he rasped. "Did you really think I would let you hurt her?"

Oh boy. Somebody is going to need a change of underwear.


"I would hit you into next week," Robert James said.


The effects of his touch - light and inconsequential though it had been - were still humming through her body, creating a weird sensation of how comforting it would be to lean into his broad chest and let him hold her up for a while.
/wonders if Old Lois will get that sensation, too?

Or Steve, the chef.
Oooooh! Very clever. True, nobody would remember who Steve was without the qualification, but now that you mention “Steve, the cook” hmm… he does seem to be our best candidate for Tempus.


Her *father* was outside the door - just a few feet away. Alive.

Right. Her parents are des in this tale [Mecry]


Towards her dad ... whom she missed so much.



And Lois felt ... something.

He was too old, she told herself. And he was married.

Then, he smiled.

Oh boy. The young, little, high-strung thing will go for the married guy.


A second flash of insight brought certain conviction that Paul Bender could never be that man. He just wasn't ... He wasn't ... He wasn't *right*. Not for her.

That’s…a change. Oh dear. /imagines Back to the Future-like effects from this meeting/

"He's scared of it, and you're a screeching little girl."
Oh boy.


Lois and Barry waited, straining for the first sound that would announce the arrival of the police.

Oh boy.

"You ... you can't go back," Clark said. "When something has finished, it's over."
Oh dear.


Clark turned and hurried to his room. To his Lois.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

[Wave] Michael

I go by Michael on the Archives.

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What a great entrance for Clark! Loved every instant of it--particularly how our Lois was able to warn him! And wow, though I should have seen it coming, I didn't, but how heartbreaking and effective that Clark viewed Tony with such anger--probably the angriest he's ever been, all those days of suffering as Lois died coming back to him.

I'm glad Clark got there before Lois could ruin the timeline speaking to her dad--a few minutes with him while she's posing as someone else surely isn't enough to risk her life with Clark! I'm not sure I agree at all with what Clark said to Sam, but at least he tried, though I doubt Sam will remember a stranger's words years later.

Love young Lois's reaction to Clark and how she's realized she wants someone like that--though I feel bad for Barry, standing forgotten to the side after he did stand in front of her and all. Still, I too think that young Lois will recognize Clark when she next runs into him.

Definitely progressing very nicely with great exciting moments. Hope the police get there soon, though Sam's arrival might hamper Tony a bit too.

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