A very short little ficlet (under 500 words) but there might possibly be a series around this idea... I'm trying to publish *something* each week while at the same time working on the longer fic I'm trying to see where I want to go with it/how long it's going to be before I start posting that...Which that is 11,000 words in for having covered about half an episode with the plan to include at least 3 more so... (should be be working on getting a beta with that one too...)

A Simple Scratch
by Lieta

Disclaimer: This is a fan work based on “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” All rights to the characters belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros. No profit was made off this work.

The kittens were the cutest things. Their newly opened eyes took in everything around them with curiosity. They waddled and crawled around the barn loft, despite their mother constantly herding and carrying them back to her nest.

One bold kitten with stripes on their body, white feet, tummy, neck and nose squirmed over to him. Clark smiled as he scooped the warm little body up and cuddled it close to his body.

The warmth of the squirming body seeped into him, washing away the confusion and pain of the night before. He'd been looking forward to starting school for *ever* with his friends. Petey had a big brother and he told plenty of stories about how fun school was.

But Mama and Papa had be yelling last night. Papa wanted to 'home school' him because people might take him away from the farm. Mama thought he should go to school... He'd never heard them *yell* before.

Petey said something Clark didn't catch and then Clark cried out in pain. The barn cat had decided it was time for him to return her kitten and raked her claws down his arm. Clark couldn't stop himself from crying as the long red lines leaked blood and pain radiated up his arm.

Petey was yelling for his Daddy and soon Clark was bundled inside and a handkerchief wrapped around his arm.

Later, at home, Mama fussed over him. She held him and rocked him, running her hand through his hair. After he'd finally calmed down, it was *just* a scratch, he shouldn't have been such a baby about it.

Mama carefully took off the handkerchief to inspect his scratches and froze. Worried, Clark turned his arm around to look at them himself. There was blood all over the white handkerchief, but on his arm were only the faintest pink lines.

"Jonathon!" Mama called out in distress.

Sara "Lieta"