Just a Little Too Far

By: Virginia R.

Description: Clark visits Lois in jail after returning from New Krypton.

Set: After S3, replaces the beginning of S4.

Rating: PG

Length: It may seem long with all the parts, but they are all short in length.

Gratitude: This story is in response to Tank’s “Scare Tactics” Halloween challenge. I would like to thank Darth Michael for inspiring me with his idea of how to scare Lois. I would also like to thank Iolanthe for her Beta corrections and advice.

Disclaimer: Inspired by the characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and portrayed on the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series, developed by Deborah Joy LeVine. Many thanks to the writers on the show, especially Bryce Zabel from whom I quote directly. This story is entirely my own (with a little inspiration from Darth Michael and Tank).


Part 1

Part 2A - Fantasy Ending
Comments - Part 2A

Fantasy Ending - Epilogue

Just a Little Too Far - Archive Version


Part 2B - The Grim Reality Ending
Comments - Part 2B

Grim Reality Ending - Epilogue

Just a Little Too Much - Archive Version

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