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#132336 - 09/19/07 05:17 AM Haiku Challenge
Queen of the Capes Offline

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Challenges Are Fun,
And You Folcs Are Talented.
How About Haikus?

5 syllables first,
The next line should have 7,
Then 5. I'll go first:

Lois was distraught.
Fooled by a pair of glasses?
She would kill Clark Kent.

(Those of you who get
Very inspired can have
Multiple Verses)
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#132337 - 09/19/07 06:40 AM Re: Haiku Challenge
jojo_da_crow Offline

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Haha I love haiku's. I'll probably do a handful. Here is one for Jimmy:

No one can fix it.
Perry’s stupid singing bass.
This is the last straw.

I'll come up with something amusing later. laugh
Angry Clark: CLARK SMASH!
Lois: Ork!

#132338 - 09/19/07 12:20 PM Re: Haiku Challenge
BJ Offline
Top Banana

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Cool idea, Mary.
I loved yours and Jojo's too.
I'll give it a go:

Clark sighed - his Lois.
Alive, back from the Congo.



I can’t stay away
Hiakus are so much fun.
How about this one?

I gasp, try to breathe.
Mr. Tracewski strangles –
I can’t get away.

Darkness closes in
As fatal fingers loosen,
I feel myself fade.

His lips are on mine.
He fills me with life – Clark’s here.
He stays and I’m safe.




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