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#129998 - 08/23/05 02:03 PM Haikus been done??

One of my favorite sites (besides this one) does a daily haiku (3 lines consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables)

I recall there being Lois and Clark haikus done before and they were pretty cool, so I thought I'd see what the FoLCs here could come up with again.

Here are a couple of mine just to get the ball rolling...(yes "Lois" *is* 2 syllables)

Clark Kent loves Lois,

but Lois loves Superman.

Been inspired yet?

Fanfic equals fun

Angst occupies everyone

That Old Gang of Mine

Wendy writes angsty

CC Aiken writes them sharp

Tank stories go BOOM!


#129999 - 08/23/05 06:01 PM Re: Haikus been done??
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Spring wind carries scream
caped hero swoops for rescue
oh no -- kryptonite!

Spring's bride stands unsure.
Beloved friends hurry close.
Panicked groom goes "splat."

Summer storm rains down,
hopeful Clark waits for answer.
"Not yet... Superman."

Winter heat rises up.
Superman must leave city.
Lois saves the day.

Winter wedding ends.
Eager groom is still patient.
Nervous bride eats frog.
When in doubt, think about penguins. It probably won't help, but at least it'll be fun.


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