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#99096 - 02/08/14 06:19 AM Another Wrong Universe (1/1)
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Another Wrong Universe: A Response to the "Profanity in Fanfic" Thread and the March Bizarro Challenge (1/1)

by Lynn S. M.

When Lois heard this Clark let loose the F-bomb, she pulled out the newly-developed communicator that Wells had given her. "You dropped me into another wrong universe. Try again!"

#99097 - 02/08/14 09:26 AM Re: Another Wrong Universe (1/1)
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rotflol Bwahahahaha! Yeah, I think it's pretty safe that the version of her Clark (both the canon and Alt-canon) wouldn't be likely to do it in that context (although I sometimes wonder on the Alt-Canon one from time to time if you think he went through the foster system).
CLARK: No. I'm just worried I'm a jinx.
CLARK: Yeah. Let's face it, ever since she's known me, Lois's been kidnapped, frozen, pushed off buildings, almost stabbed, poisoned, buried alive and who knows what else, and it's all because of me.
-"Contact" (You're not her jinx, you're her blessing.)


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