It's been a FoLCdom tradition for many years for completed stories to be submitted to The Lois and Clark Fanfic Archive after they've been posted here on the mbs.

Not only does submitting your finished story to the Archive mean it is stored for you almost for posterity without you having the hassle of setting up your own website wink , but it reaches more readers!!

Uploading a finished story to the Archive is not automatic as with some fandoms - authors must choose to submit their stories.

So here is your one-step guide to submitting your story to the Archive:

Go here: Submission FAQ

You'll find all the information you need to get your story into shape for submission in this Archive FAQ. But if you have more questions just email our current EIC at the eddress below. smile

All stories up to the PG13 rating are always welcome! So help keep up a grand FoLC tradition submit your story today! thumbsup

The Lois and Clark Fanfic Archive

Remember too that you can also archive your finished stories at Annesplace . You can never archive at too many sites or get too many extra readers. wink

Athos: If you'd told us what you were doing, we might have been able to plan this properly.
Aramis: Yes, sorry.
Athos: No, no, by all means, let's keep things suicidal.

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