In the early days of folcdom, often writers would produce a story they'd call an in-betweenie. It basically was a little story that took place off camera, between episodes of the series. It just gave the reader a little extra bit of Lois and Clark without actually interrupting the actual flow of the episodes.

I decided to take pity on all those gentle readers out there who have been so patiently waiting for Wendy to come back from her frolic in the California sun and post part 28 of When Larry Met Charlie. So in that vein, I decided to write a little in-betweenie tale that takes place between installment 27 and the upcoming installment 28. Since Wendy and I seem to be so uncannily in-sync when it comes to all things Lois and Clark, I felt it would be simple to pen a little story that would seamlessly slip in between her two story parts.

So for those of you who are needing a little Larry Met Charlie fix to hold you over until Wendy can post her own part 28, I offer you this little vignette. What can I say? I'm just a darn nice guy.

When Larry Met Charlie - part 27.5 - an in-betweenie by Tank

Clark set Lois down in her apartment living room as they arrived back in Metropolis from their visit to Smallville. He was wearing the suit, but under his dark pants and pullover. He was still a bit self-conscious about it, and didn't want to risk anyone seeing him in it until he was ready.

Clark shook his head in wonder at Lois once she was firmly planted back on her own two feet. "I can't believe you let my mother cut your hair, Lois."

Lois' hand instinctively went to her short, layered locks. "Well, it did just kind of happen. One minute she was asking me about my hair and what I had to go through every morning to get ready, then she asks me what I think about short hair. The next thing I know, I'm sitting on one of the kitchen chairs with a towel around my neck, and your mother happily snipping off the majority of my hair."

She walked over the the mirror hanging near the front entry closet. She ran a nervous hand through her newly cropped top. "Why? Don't you like it?"

Clark stepped up and nuzzled Lois' long, newly exposed neck. "It's a bit of a change, but I think I like it." He planted several small, quick kisses on the back of her neck. "Oh yeah, I definitely like it."

"Stop that." She laughed playfully and swatted him on the arm. She turned her attention to her television. "I need to turn on the news. Got to find out what the rest of the world has been doing while we were out at the farm." Lois gave Clark a smirk. "I don't remember. Do they even have radio and television out in Smallville yet?"

"Funny, Lois, real funny." He tried to sound annoyed but the smile on his face betrayed him.

Suddenly both reporters were drawn to the announcer on the screen. "This just in." The LNN anchor was handed a sheet of paper. "Flight 636, Denver to Metropolis, appears to be having some difficulty with its landing gear. Our sources at Metropolis Airport tell us that if the Boeing 747 doesn't get their landing gear lowered and locked within the next ten minutes, they'll run out of fuel and will need to attempt a ditch landing." The blow -dried anchor stared directly into the camera and spoke in his most compelling voice. "The maneuver is highly dangerous and certain to result in the loss of lives." He shook his head in mock sympathy. "Just how many will be lost is anyone's guess."

Lois quickly grabbed Clark by the shirt. "This is it! Time for the debut of Superman."

"I dunno, Lois." Clark stared at his feet. "I don't think I'm ready to go out in public with *the suit* yet."

"You want to help those people don't you? You heard the man. Lives will be lost."

"Of course I want to help... maybe I can...."

"No time for talk." Lois jumped up and Clark instinctively caught her. "Let's go show the world their new super hero."

If there had been anyone walking along the sidewalk outside Lois' apartment at that moment they would have wondered at the closeness of the sonic boom, and the unusual breeze that suddenly came and went.

Clark landed behind one of the hangers and let Lois down. He took a deep breath and spun into the suit. Lois smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up. He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss, then taking another breath, he rose into the sky. Lois watched him for several moments, then she rushed off to join the rest of the group of reporters who had began to cluster about the runway.

Lois watched in awe as a tiny figure which she knew to be her boyfriend rose up under the fuselage of the giant airliner. There was a slight shift in the position of the plane which showed that Clark had taken over the flight of the aircraft.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd of media people as they all watched, spellbound, while the huge jet was lowered to the ground, as if it weighed no more than a toy version of itself.

Slipping out from under the giant plane just before it settled to the tarmac, Clark, hesitantly approached the stunned crowd. He licked his lips apprehensively as the silence unnerved him. Suddenly a cacophony of sound erupted all at once. Everyone was trying to talk at the same time.

"Who are you?'

"How were you able to do that?"

"Did we really see you fly?"

"What's the 'S' stand for?"

Clark, his embarrassment showing, stepped closer to the sea of microphones being thrust at him. "Ah, it stands for Superman."

"Superman, isn't that kind of egotistical?"

Just then a woman pushed her way to the front of the mob. "Linda King, Metropolis Star." She shook back her red-brown hair. "Superman is it?" Clark nodded. "Well, you may call yourself Superman now, but aren't you really Clark Kent? Partner of Lois Lane, of the Daily Planet?" She turned and pointed at Lois. "What made you think that no one would recognize you without your glasses?"

Another man pushed forward. "Yeah, I see it now, that is definitely Clark Kent. I saw him at the Mayor's conference just the other day."

Suddenly the clamor from the crown became unintelligible but definitely the mood had undergone a change. Clark began to feel closed in. He looked over at Lois and saw she was getting the same treatment from other reporters wanting her 'story'. With one last bewildered glance at the crown he sped away, swooping Lois into his arms as he left.

Clark's mind was numb as he flew himself and Lois westward, ever westward. They didn't stop until they had reached the Kent farm again. Landing in the front yard, he set Lois on her feet and the two of them staggered to the front porch. Sitting heavily on the old porch swing, Lois and Clark stared off into space for several minutes. Finally Clark turned to look over at Lois, she stared back at him.

"So," he began. "What's plan B?"

(and now we slip, unobtrusively, back to When Larry met Charlie part 28)