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#277629 - 11/11/17 04:53 PM FDK- Unmasked 16/25?
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As promised, another chapter! Yay!

#277640 - 11/12/17 06:10 AM Re: FDK- Unmasked 16/25? [Re: NostalgiaKick]
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What a powerful chapter... I loved it. The fact that Lois now wants the story after she turned Lex down. I'm glad she saw the light.

#277697 - 11/14/17 05:43 AM Re: FDK- Unmasked 16/25? [Re: NostalgiaKick]
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I could not agree more with Carrie, this chapter packs a very powerful punch.

“Lex, my answer is no.” She tugged the ring off her finger and held it out to him. He looked at it in disbelief before meeting her eyes, and for a moment she saw a flash of pure cold rage, as if the veneer of his humanity had been cast aside. Involuntarily she took a step backwards, chilled to her core. In another moment, the mask was back in place.

This may sound crazy, but maybe she should have accepted the ring and worked to bring him down from the inside? Still, it is for the best, having a man like Lex as a fiancee could not be the easiest thing to do.

A phalanx of reporters filled the stairs to his apartment, spilling out into the street. The pack was headed by Leo Nunk with his photographer in tow, but from his vantage point Clark could identify reporters from the Inquisitor, the Metropolis Star, LNN and a host of other news agencies- both reputable and otherwise.

The worst thing has happened, Clark's secret has been exposed in spectacular fashion! One the other hand, Lex no longer has any leverage over him.

If she’d just heard Clark out instead of flying off the handle every time Luthor’s name was mentioned, this could’ve all been avoided. They could’ve worked together to get to the bottom of whatever Luthor was doing before it had gotten to this point.

This is an excellent look into Perry's thoughts during a time of great crisis. Well written.

Because Lois refused to hear Clark out, it has led to great pain for Clark and possibly the newsroom as well. Now is the time for all of them to work together instead of flying off in different directions.

A writer's job is to think of new plots and create characters who stay with you long after the final page has been read. If that mission is accomplished than we have done what we set out to do, which is to entertain and hopefully educate.

#277788 - Today at 02:58 PM Re: FDK- Unmasked 16/25? [Re: NostalgiaKick]
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Carrie- Thanks! Yeah, a lot happened in this chapter. I'll admit I'm not playing nice with my toys lol.

Morgana- I thought about having Lois accept Lex's proposal but this works better for my purposes. Lois has some dues to pay now...


#277794 - Today at 06:52 PM Re: FDK- Unmasked 16/25? [Re: NostalgiaKick]
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Sorry for the delay in responding NK. As you know it's been a rough week.

Okay, where do I begin?

Lois has finally seen the light! Finally! Now, how will she begin to make amends to Clark for her words and actions. That will prove to be difficult for both of them.

We knew this was coming. Lex exposed Clark's secret. Unfortunately, I think this means he has no further use for Clark and will try and make the final big move to put his enemy out of his misery. I hope the alliance Clark has built around him will be able to help defeat and stop Lex Luthor once and for all.

Perry. What can I say? I love him. I really really do. He put Lois in her place perfectly.
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