Hi FoLCs!

Here is the update of new fic (gathered typically through Thursday evening). Links at http://www.lcficdirectory.com/pgindex

New Stories:
Rules of Battle by Folc4evernaday

New Parts:
Embracing the Darkness by Deadly Chakram
My Own Worst Enemy by Folc4evernaday
O Brother, Where Art Thou? by Queen of the Capes
Six Words or Less Challenge (What did Lois say?) by Various
Waiting for a Lady - A Lois and Clark/Forever Crossover by Morgana (

Completed Stories:

New TOCs:
Rules of Battle by Folc4evernaday

Added to the Archive:
500 Miles by Carrie Rene
Agoraphobia by Mouserocks
Boring (At First Sight No. 40) by NostalgiaKick
Breaking Point (At First Sight No. 41) by NostalgiaKick
Countdown by Mouserocks
The Fellowship of the Fanfic by Terry Leatherwood
Futures (At First Sight No. 39) by NostalgiaKick
Ghost From the past by Folc4evernaday
Nothing is Impossible by BJ
Reactions (At First Sight No. 43) by NostalgiaKick
Relative History by C. Leuch
Roller Coaster (At First Sight No. 42) by NostalgiaKick
Slow News Day by Mouserocks
Whine No More by Folc4evernaday
Winner Takes All by Fol4evernaday

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