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#277373 - 10/21/17 08:11 PM My Superman fansite
TaliaJoy Offline
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Hope this doesn't come across as too advertise-y (and in the interest of full disclosure, I actually have to get traffic to this site for a college class I'm taking on Google Analytics, so I can't even claim there's no ulterior motive!!), but I wanted to let y'all know about a Superman fansite I'm working on. It's supposed to mainly focus on The Adventures of Superman and Lois & Clark, but unfortunately I haven't got much Lois & Clark content up there yet. I haven't got much content at all up there yet, actually...which is something I'll try to fix as soon as I can, but it still might take a while since it can take a lot of work to make an entire website.

I haven't been doing much Superman or Lois & Clark related lately, and I kind of hope I can change that!

Anyway, it may be rather unfinished in some ways, and again there's not even much L&C content right now (though there WILL be, really!! I already have a whole bunch of screencaps on my computer that I want to put there!), but you can still take a peek if you're interested. Here's the link: Small Screen Superman

#277377 - 10/21/17 11:10 PM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
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#277378 - 10/22/17 10:03 AM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
Lynn S. M. Offline

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So far, so good. I'm looking forward to seeing the site fleshed out. And when you have developed it some more, you might want to let Steve Younis at supermanhomepage.com know about it; he might be willing to link to your site.

Also, are you familiar with the Man of Screen podcast? They finished their coverage of all of The Adventures of Superman episodes already, but it will be a while before they get to L&C.

I hope you get a good grade for your class.


#277380 - 10/22/17 04:50 PM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
folc4evernaday Offline

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Looks like you've got some good bones. I'm a graphic/web designer by trade. If you need any help let me know. thumbsup
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#277384 - 10/23/17 08:00 AM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
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I like how it is not boaked down by graphics. As folc4vernaday said it has good bones. I once had a site and I had a lot of graphics and these days, when on a tablet or phone it can be harder to use when on those systems.

#277385 - 10/23/17 01:21 PM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
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You are on the right track; informative without a lot of unnecessary glitz. Hope the teacher likes what you've produced.

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#277402 - 10/25/17 04:10 PM Re: My Superman fansite [Re: TaliaJoy]
TaliaJoy Offline
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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I appreciate it. =)

While the site's overall focus on having a pretty simple and clean design will remain, it will definitely have some more graphics and images than it does now when I get farther along in making it. The clear, informative and simple look is intentional, but it will be less "bare bones" about it later on. For example, rather than just having the Small Screen Superman logo at the top, it will actually have a header graphic made from images from the shows.

The site's design is actually slightly inspired by newspapers as a reference to Clark's occupation.

I appreciate the offer, Folc4evernaday! As much as I enjoy doing graphics and web development/design myself, I'm certainly open to the possibility of utilizing help, so I'll keep you in mind. smile I know if anyone's experienced in terms of making L&C graphics, it's you!


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