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#277214 - 10/09/17 10:38 AM Clark Kent on Notalwaysright!
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Link to Anecdote

One of the Sub-sites on notalwaysright.com, titled Not Always Romantic, had an anecdote about a girl not recognizing her own boyfriend because he suddenly wore glasses one day. Cue the Lois Lane jokes in the comments. wink

I think it might possibly make for a good fic challenge somehow, what say you? At the very least, it's kinda funny. smile
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#277225 - 10/09/17 06:38 PM Re: Clark Kent on Notalwaysright! [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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LOL! As a glasses wearer, I've actually had to deal with this. I participate in the Ramona Outdoor Play in Hemet each year, and I can't wear my glasses because they're too modern (the play is set in the 1850s). One day, a coworker brought me a copy of the newspaper that had a picture of a scene I was in and asked me which one I was. When I pointed myself out, he said he didn't recognize me without my glasses. laugh
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#277234 - 10/10/17 02:44 AM Re: Clark Kent on Notalwaysright! [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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lol I think it'd be funny to see this in a fic but in reverse... Lois does see Clark without his glasses in regular clothes but is just so put off by his different appearance she actually *doesn't* connect that he's Superman.
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#277235 - 10/10/17 04:44 AM Re: Clark Kent on Notalwaysright! [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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Or, for a twist... Lois gets glasses and no one at the Planet recognizes her.

#277251 - 10/11/17 05:16 AM Re: Clark Kent on Notalwaysright! [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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I have been introducing my 12 year old niece to Lois and Clark the past few months and even introduced her to the CW version of Supergirl. She always asks me how does a pair of glasses make such a big difference that no one recognizes that the Clark and Superman are the same person.

My 11 year old daughter, my husband, and I all wear glasses and we had to tell our niece that you can look so different without your glasses. When I went to contacts for a couple of years I looked so different and sometimes depending on the glasses your eyes can shine through more.


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