Survey Results are in! Thank you, everyone, for your participating and honest feedback. We had three clear indicators for what is keeping the boards so quiet these days:

1. Real Life

We all get it. We've all been there. Real Life can be a beast at times. Hopefully, it calms down soon.

2. Discouraged from Commenting

Okay, so this one is more tricky. Over the past few months, I've seen posts where people say ONLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK IS ALLOWED. This is NOT true. This has NEVER been a rule. We've checked with the admins on both boards, and comments and feedback are encouraged on both sides of the spectrum. Designers/ Writers cannot grow unless they're getting honest CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Please see Commenting FAQ for more details.

Now constructive doesn't mean you say "Hey this sucks" and give no basis for why you don't like the OP's work. If you're going to say something negative be constructive and polite.

Writers/ Designers: Sometimes people aren't going to like what you wrote/ made. Maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea. That's okay too. Take what's being said to heart and move on.

3. Don't know the FOLCS/ Lurkdom

We have lurkers and old time FOLCS that don't get involved because they felt they didn't know the others very well. Valid point. We get new members all the time.

Under the Off Topic Forum once a month we will create a thread asking for everyone to introduce themselves. Get to know one another and hopefully make everyone feel welcome that's just joined. You don't get to know people without saying hi so that's what we're going to do every month. Say hi. Plus for those that have RL issues going on it doesn't take long to make a quick post about who you are and welcome any new members.

Thanks again to everyone that participated. wave
~ Folc4evernaday

John Cleese - “Creativity is not a talent. It's a way of operating.”
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