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#275058 - 04/21/17 07:59 AM FDK: State's Evidence - 7/14
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It's about the halfway point, and lots of stuff is going on. Hopefully it will all come together in a satisfactory manner by the epilogue.

After weeks at sea, Captain Fetherstonhaugh and his hardy crew had at last crossed the halfway point, and he mused that the closest dry land now lay in the Americas, assuming of course that it was not raining there.

#275075 - 04/23/17 05:07 PM Re: FDK: State's Evidence - 7/14 [Re: Terry Leatherwood]
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He kills her sister then expects her to support him? I'm only surprised he didn't have an impromptu flying lesson from Lexcorp tower...
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#275091 - 04/24/17 07:29 PM Re: FDK: State's Evidence - 7/14 [Re: Terry Leatherwood]
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A quick vision of his head mounted on the wall over Mayson’s bed had galloped through his mind and erected a wall between them that had been dented and battered by her siege, but not broken.
I've never seen anything like that stated better! Now I'm worried what is waiting for them in Denver. It might just be a surprise for
more than one party! Keep it coming!
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#275092 - 04/24/17 07:45 PM Re: FDK: State's Evidence - 7/14 [Re: Terry Leatherwood]
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Happy to see another part here. clap

“Just pretend I’m your high school girlfriend and her parents aren’t around.”

Bwaaahaaahaaa! That's a great description for the "right" amount of sunscreen. laugh Loved it! Can't blame Lois for enjoying herself. wink I understand why she put a squash on her feelings, though. She made some really bad choices, and she shouldn't want to drag anyone else into the mess. And yet, you've done a good job keeping her as a sympathetic character.

Yeah, Mayson, Clark's just not that into you. Henderson is great - everyone needs someone in their life that's willing to tell you what you don't want to hear.

“I don’t want to be there when Clark finds out the real reason they’re headed to Denver.”

shock Uh oh! Next part, please. Gotta know what what this line is about!
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