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#274764 - 04/05/17 08:08 PM FDK: Qotc's Fan-Comic #5: Topics
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Comic is Here

I finally have my laptop connected to my phone again; turns out I'd been clicking on the wrong thing all this time. >_< Anyway, I decided to try uploading this with my phone. To my surprise, it worked, though it does feel a bit like doing surgery with a hammer. :p

Anyway! I was originally planning to combine this little story arc with a bit about Jimmy going under cover, but felt it would clutter up the plot. Or rather, the "plot". My ideas for this comic are kind of a plot in the same way that a walk in the woods is kind of a trip: You're technically going somewhere, but you're going slowly, stopping a lot to look at things, and in the end, you haven't really gone all that far. Further slowing it down is that I want for every strip to be able to stand on its own.

How do yall like Clark's tie?
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#274781 - 04/06/17 02:34 PM Re: FDK: Qotc's Fan-Comic #5: Topics [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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Uncle Mike may think that Superman is changing the weather for the government, of course... I wonder if Superman is on that list of topics?

Nice to meet the baby at last - Really enjoying this and the tie rocks!
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#274783 - 04/06/17 04:57 PM Re: FDK: Qotc's Fan-Comic #5: Topics [Re: Queen of the Capes]
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So the usual 'safe' topics aren't on the list? lol I love the inclusion of Clark's wild ties.

I don't mind the slow pace. I didn't realize that the comics were tied together plot-wise.
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