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Author's note: Set partway through 'Individual Responsibility', once Clark comes to his senses after Perry's kidnapping.


Everyone has their breaking point.
Iíve always considered myself to be a strong person- mentally, as well as physically. I've had to be, to do what I do.
Is it possible that Iíve finally reached mine?


The payroll truck was bad enough.
Since becoming Superman, Iíve never stood idly by and let a criminal commit a crime.

But thatís exactly what happened yesterday.

I could have stopped the payroll truck robbery, but I didnít.

And then todayÖ

Today I let Perry White be kidnapped.

Perry is my friend and more. I owe him an incredible amount, as both Clark Kent and Superman. He took a chance on Clark, and in doing so changed my life forever. He welcomed an unknown alien with powers that send some people running for the hills, and in doing so laid the groundwork for the reception Superman received from the rest of the world. Heís defended me, saved me from prison, advised me, and always- always- believed in me.

How could I let them take him?

What is wrong with me?

Could it be stress? Is it possible that the strain of everything that I do on a daily basis- juggling two lives, what I see and do as Superman- has finally caught up with me? Thereís no denying that the last few months have been more than ordinarily taxing. Maysonís death, my relationship with Lois- which seems to be becoming more complicated and painful by the day- and Loisís relationship with Scardino; it all adds up.

Maybe Lois is right. Maybe I do need to speak to a psychiatrist.

If I canít get on top of this- if I canít protect the people and things that need protecting- then what good am I? I created Superman so I would no longer have to stand by when things went wrong, but in the condition Iím currently in, Iím worse than useless. If I canít do what needs to be done, then how can I continue to be Superman?

I canít.

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