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It's impossible

"Mom, Dad, we have something to tell you, " Clark said, a huge grin on his face as Lois stepped out of the living room, the baby cradled safely in her arms.

"Oh, Clark..." Martha said emotionally, as the child moved. Tiny eyes fluttered open, studying the four adults in wonder.

"Hey, there, little guy...," Lois whispered, feeling tears prick in her eyes.

Suddenly she could no longer imagine how she could have ever not wanted to be a mother. A small hand clutched at her finger, holding onto her as if the child was never going to let go again.

Clark laid one arm around Lois shoulders and ran his other hand through the baby's light hair, stroking it soothingly and eliciting the most beautiful toothless smile he had ever seen.

The magical moment was cruelly disrupted by a knock on the door. The four Kents looked at each other, puzzled, before Jonathan shrugged and went to answer the door.

"Mr. Wells," he said suprised as he stood in front of the Englishman. "What can we do for you?"

Lois and Clark turned to look at the time traveler. "H.G. Wells! " Lois exclaimed excitedly. "It's such a pleasure to see you."

Wells seemed a little taken aback. He pulled his glasses down and nervously began to clean them with a handkerchief he had produced from his pocket.

"It's nice to see you, too, Ms Lane, " he replied politely. "I'm so sorry to have to interrupt this moment, but we have to tend to a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, I have to ask you to come with me right away." His gaze flickered between the four Kents, apologetically.

"Did you send us the child?" Clark asked curiously.

"Actually, yes, but..." Wells said, when another knock on the door interrupted him. The four Kents looked at each other before this time Martha shrugged and opened the door.

"H.G. Wells," she breathed, helplessly looking at the others. "I... what...but you're already here!"

"Am I?" A second H.G. Wells asked, confused and stepped inside, looking into the face of another man who looked exactly like him - older perhaps, but obviously the same person. "But you shouldn't be here!" he said, flabbergasted. "I... I mean, we made a rule about never visiting the same time twice. should have remembered that I would be here..." Wells stuttered and turned to Lois and Clark. "Unfortunately, you have to come with me right away if we want to save Utopia. There is... You have a baby?" he interrupted himself, as the tiny bundle in Lois arms caught his attention
"Yeah, " Clark replied. "You have..., er... I mean you will..."

He didn't manage to explain what was going to happen, because another knocking on the door begged for their attention. Four Kents and two H.G. Wells exchanged glances until Clark answered the door.

"What on earth is going on?" he cried as a third H. G. Wells took off his bowler hat and greeted him.

Not knowing what to think, he simply stepped aside and let the newest H.G Wells in, who seemed to be the youngest version of the famous author so far. The three time travelers stared at each other in shock.

"There has to be some mistake," the third Wells muttered, paling, while the second one took off his glasses to clean them vigorously.

"Okay, enough is enough," Lois said angrily, causing the child to wail. Instinctively she began to rock it softly, and cradled it more firmly against her chest. "Shush, " she whispered. "It's all right, sweety." Turning to the three visitors, she asked. "Will anyone of you tell me what this is all about?"

"Utopia is in grave danger, we have to go save it right away," the third Wells said.

"Yeah, I guess that's pretty much obvious," Clark stated wryly. "I think what Lois wanted to ask was, why are there three of you?"

The first H.G. Wells harrumphed uneasily. "I'm starting to think that I made a mistake," he said quietly.

The two younger versions of H.G. Wells looked at him curiously, as did the four Kents. Even the baby made a noise as if it was begging for an explanation.

The third H.G. Wells furrowed his brows, staring at the baby in surprise. "Since when do you have a child?"

"Since you..." Lois' eyes darted back and forth between the three time travelers, "...I mean the oldest you sent this baby here. Thank you, by the way."

"About that...," the first Wells began, but Lois was not done yet. Mad Dog Lane raised her head.

"This is really typical. Every time we have a good day, some villain turns up to ruin it," Lois interrupted him, annoyed. "So, pray tell me what is Tempus up to now?"

Now, it was the third Wells' turn to clean his glasses. "I don't think that this is Tempus' doing," he said softly.

"It isn't?" Clark asked incredulously.

"It seems like there are three different disruptions in time. That would explain why three versions of me are here at the same time," the second Wells explained. "Even Tempus can't be at several places at once."

"Great!" Lois groaned, exasperated. "Are you telling me that instead of one lunatic there are three of them?"

"Well, unfortunately, yes," the first Wells replied, blushing. "Like I said, I made a terrible mistake. I thought that by letting you raise this kid, Utopia would forever be safe."

Lois looked at the child in her arms with a frown. "Okay, I'm not sure I really want to know, but who exactly am I holding in my arms?"

H.G. Wells turned beet root red. "Ah...well..." he squirmed. "Tempus."

"You've got to be kidding me!" four Kents said in unison.

The End

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