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"I want you to give Clark Kent a big kiss on the lips. At least five seconds long!" Lucy ordered her sister.

Lois stared in disbelief. "You can't possibly be serious."

"If you don't like it, too bad. This is what you get for making a bet and saying that the winner gets to decide the punishment of the loser," Lucy gloated. "And for thinking you know more about boxing than me."

"But Lucy," Lois protested. "Clark's a coworker. It'd be unprofessional."

"Fine," Lucy answered. "If you don't want to kiss Clark, then you have to tell Cat Grant she's smarter than you. And, you have to say it in front of Clark and Jimmy."

Lois glared at her sister, waiting for her to admit that what she'd just said was a joke and to pick a different punishment. When that didn't happen, she replied, "Lucy, that's ridiculous."

"Fine; fine," Lucy relented. "Then, you have to be my maid for a month. Wash the dishes, scrub the floors, wash my clothes..."

"And how is that any different from our usual arrangement," Lois quipped.

"Well then, I suggest you either prepare to tell Cat how smart she is or pucker up to Mr. Kent's lips," Lucy said.

It was then that the two of them heard a knock at the door. It could only be Clark arriving to walk Lois to work. Lucy held her hands together gleefully and grinned mischievously in anticipation, while Lois simply sighed in frustration.

"I hope you enjoy this," she said as she opened the door.

Clark barely got the words 'good morning' out of his mouth before he found Lois' arms wrapped around him and her face close to his. He wasn't sure what was going on, but before he could ask, Lois began kissing him, right on the lips! In the background, he could hear Lucy intoning, "One... two... three... four... five!" At five, Lois released Clark and turned to Lucy.

"So, Lucy... want to make a bet on the Calvin Harding/Joe Bennett fight?" Lois asked. "I think Harding's gonna wipe the floor with Bennett."

"But Harding's the clear underdog," Lucy replied.

"I don't care. I say he'll win," Lois insisted. "Same rules apply for the next bet? Loser has to kiss Clark?"

"What?" Clark asked, confused and still dazed from the kiss. "The two of you are making bets where the loser has to kiss me?"

Lois ignored Clark and asked Lucy, "Well?"

"You're on," Lucy grinned.

She suspected her sister had enjoyed losing that bet a little more than she would ever admit if asked directly. She also suspected that there might be more bets in their future with Lois on the losing end. And while her sister was usually extremely competitive, Lucy was very certain that Lois would be more than fine with being the loser of each and every one of these bets.