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#254048 - 05/12/14 04:54 PM Terran Underground Series Timeline
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Unfortunately, the upgrade to the boards made hash out of the old Terran Underground Timeline with its links to stories, posted by Mr. Data.

I can't do anything about the old timeline, since I didn't post it. All I can do is put up a replacement, which I am doing with this post. I will try to replace all the links, but please be patient. There are a lot of stories and it will take some time.



Some quirk with the update of the message boards seems to chop out the same part of the new Timeline that it chopped out of Mr. Data's post, every time I put in the links. I'll have to get hold of labrat and see what I need to do, if anything can be done. At the very worst, I can find all the links and post them separately, and just leave up the timeline for anyone who is curious about where the stories belong.

Terran Underground Timeline

Company Coming (a pre-prequel to the TU series, written by my daughter, Tara, for an English assignment.)

2168 -- Mousetrap : prequel to the Terran Underground Series: "It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook ..."

2169 - 2185 -- Slave Race --Very long novel-length story that covers a lot of ground

2169: Awakenings -- Eric Vogleman's story Awakenings

2177 - July - Outlaw (Mercenary and Symbiote) Introduces two of the main protagonists of the series: Mark Linley and Alan Westover

2177 - Nov - Giant Killer: Julia Austell's story

2177 - Dec - Wild Card

2179 - Feb - The Mines of Kuloghi: Discovery of the psi crystals

2179 - May - Toomelli's Moon: Strike Commander Ron Griffen comes to the Underground

2179 - Dec - Rite of Passage

2180 - Feb - Two Giants for David: Terran psychics were strange little cusses, and there was one fundamental thing about them that the Terran High Command completely misjudged ...

2180 - Aug - Brother's Keeper: First meeting with Kevin Bronson. Sometimes what constitutes a brother has nothing to do with blood relationship.

2180 - Sept - Blind Mission: First meeting with Squadron Commander Mombasa

2181 - Feb - The Crystal Demon: Contact with and rescue of the Shirva; meeting with Miki and Jeel; First encounter with Skelzir Globe

2182 - Mar - Pawn

2182 - May - 'Trol: Second meeting with Kevin Bronson

2182 - Aug -- Wonderland Revisited

2182 - Oct - Defector: Strike Commander Thoroski switches sides

2182 - Dec - The Pirate Prince: A Slight Deception and The Reluctant Pirate : Jason Sweeney and Richard Trevor's story (Blashvor's sidekicks in Slave Race)

2183 - Jan - Mind Link : Dr. Worley makes the discovery of what a psychic power pack really is.

2183 - Feb - Psychic Partner: discovery of the second Armageddon Team: Miguel and Enrique de Vega

2183 - May - Legacy : Kevin Bronson finds Mark Linley's son, Mark Warwick Linley

2183 - June - Coward: Mark Linley finally faces one of his greatest fears

2183 - Aug - Turnabout : Strike Commander Wolenski faces the biggest decision of his life.

2183 - Dec - Conspiracy: What if you knew about a conspiracy to murder the leader of your nation, but couldn't prove it?

2183 - Dec - A Family Resemblance : Introduction of Angela Westover.

2183 - Dec - The Caves of Shallock -- Introduction of Mitch Edwards; discovery of the Elves (not supernatural beings.)

2184 - Feb - Volcano Island

2184 - Mar - Initiation (Plot only): The story of Susie Burke and Jim Santos

2184 - Nov - Cops and Robbers

2184 - Nov - Borantia: The return of the Giant Killer.

2184 - Dec - The Stuff of Dreams

2185 - Jan - Honeymoon : Not your ordinary honeymoon

2185 - Feb - Rainy Season: One of Shallock's most interesting seasons.

2185 - Mar - Joker : After all, every card deck has a wild card or two, as Subcommander Carson discovered the hard way.

2185 - May - Empath: The Viceroy's chief wife has a dirty little secret.

2185 - Jul - Shell Game: The lives of several thousand people depend on how well Mark Linley can pull off the biggest con game of his life.

2185 - Aug - A Woman's Touch: Sometimes a woman has to go about her job a little differently than a man might ...

2185 - Sept - Hunting Party

2185 - Oct - Plague: Strike Commander Fong's story

2185 - Nov - (Plot Only) Linley's Daughter

2185 - Dec - Eye of the Idol (Plot Only) The further adventures of Fong Lee and Lord Blashvor.

2188 - Sept - Recruit: There was a reason that Lord Stovinthvor had caused the desertion of several young patrolmen. Marvin Krebbs was only the latest ...

2189 - Rescue Mission: The Viceroy's cousin had Imperial ambitions. All he had to do was to get rid of his cousin and blame the Terran Underground for it -- until the Viceroy's greatest enemy took a hand.

2190 - Jul - Psychic Killer: What happens when the fate of the human race may depend on finding a lone murderer? Especially when you have to do it in just a day or two?

2191 - Jan - Language Barrier: the scuttlebugs were just an ugly, although useful little creature that the human colonists tolerated because they were good at controlling pests. Only the scuttlebugs were a little more than that ...

2191 - July - Child's Play: Lord Linthvar figured he had the perfect bait to capture the two most wanted men in the Sector -- but that was before four psychic children made things a little more complicated ...

2191 - Sept - Artifact[: Matt Phillips wasn't a cold-eyed, steel-jawed hero. In fact, he was just a doctor. But then he was all that there was to stand between a woman and a whole lot of people that wanted her dead. That was when he found out that maybe he had a little bit of hero in him, after all ...

2191 - Nov - Vector: Busaidi Mombasa was a loyal, high-ranking officer in the Viceregal Patrol. But then he found that his masters had lethal plans for the Terran world where he had grown up. And his family ...

2192 - Jan - Sideshow: Jael Martin had always been highly intuitive, but he was much too big to be a psychic. Or so he thought.

2192 - Mar - Memories of Power: This story seems to be missing. I'm going to try to recreate it when I have the time.

2192 - May - Bermuda Triangle: This story also appears to be missing. It was with my sister's things, and I haven't been able to find it, but I will try to recreate it as well, if I can remember the main parts.

2192 - Aug - The Town (Plot only ) What if a bunch of early colonists from Earth established their settlement in an isolated section of the planet that was their destination?. And what if several of the colonists were psychics? A few generations later, that town might be very unique.

2204 - Feb - Revolt: Sometimes an unfortunate accident lets a secret out. When that happens, the only thing to do is to deal with it, as Chris Powers and Roddy Atkins discovered ...
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#268861 - 02/03/16 08:26 AM Re: Terran Underground Series Timeline [Re: Nan]
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Wow, I looked at my post of the Timeline and you were not kidding about it making a hash of it.

Can you email me a copy of your timeline and I will fix up mine. Or, do you want continue on with it yourself? You are on the board more often than I am, but I still love your stuff. I still have copies of all your TU stories.

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#268980 - 02/12/16 08:03 AM Re: Terran Underground Series Timeline [Re: Mister Data]
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I probably had better just stick with mine. I'll put up the link for Volcano Island when I finish it.
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