Welcome to our new Superman forums - we hope you enjoy posting and reading your stories here in the same welcoming, supportive atmosphere that the rest of the Fanfic Mbs enjoy. thumbsup

Just a couple of rules which we hope will make things run smoothly and ensure everyone gets the most out of the forum:

1. The general rules of the boards will apply, so there will be ratings limit of PG13 and below for the gfic forum and no G&L fic will be allowed.

2. To help readers work out what to expect authors should include the canon their story covers in the story header. For example:

The Forgotten Dream 1/4 (Smallville)


The Forgotten Dream 3/12 (Superman Returns)

or even

The Forgotten Dream 4/5 (Multi-Verse)

whichever applies.

3. Authors should apply the same (Complete/WIP) notation in the headers of any TOCs they set up themselves as exist in the current TOC forums. For example:

The Forgotten Dream (WIP)


Dreams Forgotten (Complete)

That's it. Enjoy!

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