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#145582 - 07/18/07 05:59 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I'm willing to beta read as well. I'm awesome with grammar and spelling and I'm always willing to put my two cents in. I'm fairly certain I've worked my way through all of the site's stories (many of them several times) over the last several years. I have lots of ideas and would love to help. Let me know.

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#145583 - 10/31/07 08:25 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Zoar3 Offline

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I would be happy to BR for someone. smile As I just got asked to br a darker, perhaps deathfic, let me say that I really don't care for those types of tales. smirk Nor does Alt universes, clones, too many villains or Tempus or Wells rank too high with me.I certainly don't mind L and C having to work through a problem or trial but that probably it. Generally, I like revealation, romance, episode rewrites, Clark tales, smile , L and C having kids, and of course WAFFY!


#145584 - 05/27/08 01:08 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I would also be more than to beta for someone! But I do feel that I must state that though I am good at grammar, my spelling kinda sucks something awful. So if you want me to beta for you I will do my best to help. Just ask and I will do what I can. smile1
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#145585 - 08/12/08 11:26 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I'm just getting back into the fanfic world, and would be happy to beta for anyone who would want me.

My ability to edit for grammar and spelling is quite good - too good if you ask some of the people I exchange emails with! wink In fact, I tend to be very critical reader, so perhaps I'd be better beta reader for someone who is looking for constructive criticism.

I'm willing to read pretty much anything, including nFic.

#145586 - 09/04/09 01:18 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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Here's another willing BR checking in. I'm a bit late to the party, and a bit new to it all, but I hope that won't stop people from considering my offer.

Full disclosure: I have never been a beta reader in any fandom before, and as a fiction writer, I'm just entering a stage where I'm willing to show other people my writing.

That said, I have done more than my fair share of proofreading and critiquing other people's writing in other contexts, and that includes academic writing, prose, and even poetry on a few occasions.

My strengths as a beta reader for fiction include:
  • Articulating the way a story makes me feel.
  • Identifying plot holes, inconsistencies, and little tidbits that seem not to fit with the normal behavior of a character as I've come to know him/her in this specific story.
  • Brainstorming story ideas (to incorporate, mangle or discard at the sole discretion of the author).
  • Identifying sentences, or whole segments of the story that don't quite 'sound right', style-wise.

Weaknesses include:
  • The fact that English isn't my first language (in fact, it's my third, but I do spend quite a lot of time reading, writing and communicating in English, and I listen to a lot of English-language radio).
  • My tendency to use a lot of really long sentences in my own writing, which means it's unlikely that I will call you on that if you do it yourself.

I will read and comment on basically any kind of story, as long as you present it to me in digestable portions (up to 10.000 or so words at a time).

If you've made it to the end of this litany, and you still think I might be the person you're looking for, please feel free to PM me, and we'll take it from there.
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#145587 - 04/09/10 03:59 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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After being a member of these boards for so long I have decided now is the time for me to offer my services as a BR. I love reading lcfanfic and have been for YEARS! I most often leave comments but would really like to see what really is put into writing one of these...and who knows, might help me grow a pair and write one myself!

--I like solving puzzles. If you're stuck in a rut and need a sound board/help getting out of a jam, I like coming up with alternatives, offer solutions...that kind of thing.

--I speak the truth. Can't handle it? Don't hire me. If something sucks I will let you know. For example, if I were the BR for the writers from the Clone Arc I would have told them to crumple it up, send it sailing to the waste basket AND to open a window because it STINKS (all IMO)

--I am available and get back quickly.

--I like L&C. That being said, crossovers are not my thing. I mean, I'll read it--but I won't enjoy it as much as I would a typical lcfanfic.

With all this being said, I am willing to help a fellow FoLC out. E-mail is in the profile =)

Happy Writing!!
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<3 this fic!
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#145588 - 09/08/10 04:34 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
hank1469 Offline

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I'm currently on short term disability till about Nov, and have done one BR [the verdict is still out on that],I'd be interested in trying again. Spelling, grammar and run-on sentences are fun to play with. I'll try anything at least once but would like to avoid slashes.e-mail at hankbernath@msn.com
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#145589 - 12/16/10 03:34 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
HappyGirl Offline
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Hey, FoLCs,

I've finished my long story and I've got another month of bed rest before this baby shows, so if you've got a short piece in need of a beta reader, I'm your girl.

6/12/11 ETA: HappyBaby is sleeping enough that I could beta a short story or a longer one if you're not in a rush. I'd need two or three days turnaround time for a short story or for part of a longer one.

References: Bob Bartholomew, CarolM

I will point out grammatical errors or style issues if I see them. I'm pretty good at translating for ESL writers. I give honest reactions, both positive and critical. I will go to the mat on characterization (ask Carol about a certain turd-like Clark who needed rehabilitation). I won't take offense if you disagree with me--it's always your story. I can make my feedback as detailed or not as you like. I'm better at B-plot than A-plot as far as brainstorming goes, but I'll give it a shot.

I've had good experience working with MSWord documents using the comments feature.

You can reach me by e-mail or by private message.

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#145590 - 05/09/11 04:02 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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UPDATED 12/16/2012

***I am currently full-up on people I'm betaing for. I can take new stories from people I've already agreed to work with, but don't have time currently to take on new authors. Should this change in the future, I'll come back and change my status.***

Hi. Since joining the boards a year and a half ago, I've Beta'd a several short and medium sized stories. And I've also had the chance to work with some pretty terrific people who have taught me what it is to be a Beta.

I'm pretty good with grammar; although, perhaps I'm still a bit rusty. I have been proofing my friends' writing since high school; plus, I worked as a professional proofreader/editor for term papers in college. I do still have some difficulties with comma placement, but I'm improving. wink Spelling is what spell-check is for, but I can usually catch stuff that the spell checker misses (i.e. form instead of from, their/they're/there, to/two/too, etc.). Plot inconsistencies usually jump out at me, but there are no guarantees. I'll also spitball my ideas, even if you don't ask me to. Feel free to use them or ignore them as you see fit.

I know how to be constructive and point out the good stuff. I'm honest, though, so if I don't like something, I'll tell you what might be better. Don't take it personally, that's just who I am. Feel free to ignore any suggestions I have regarding your story. wink I'm not you, it's not my story, they are only suggestions.

I read-through the story, usually twice. I will give copious notes: some comments, any corrections, and all questions or confusions noted. If you're willing to give me a try (test-run), I'm your gal.

I'm still fairly new to the message boards, but I can honestly say I haven't read anything (storylines) I really don't like. (This still holds true after a year of reading stories. Good work, everyone! clap ) I'm sure some will pop up, but I haven't seen any yet. I can't imagine I'd like storylines where Lois and Clark don't end up together at the end (i.e. end up with other people). I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and believe in L&C as soul mates. I love stories that make me laugh or cry (as long as I know they'll be happy in the end) or feel. That's the sign of a good writer - the emotional connection.

Story length is not an issue. I Beta at night when the house is quiet and I can concentrate without interruption. I try to return at least a Part/Posting length back within 48 hours. (If it is sent in longer blocks this turnaround time can't be guaranteed.) Communication is key. If I can't get it back with you within a few days, I'll let you know.

Feel free to contact me at my L&C email address:

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#270191 - 05/11/16 04:34 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work! [Re: Wendymr]
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Hi sorry i have been absent for a while but i have been working on a story I know I have a few stories that have never been finished but this one is a re work of on of my previous so I have an end in sight. I have a few chapters on paper (for my own enjoymeant) but if i can get a beta reader wold start typing up. Also would like to try to finish my other stories if anyone would like to co write with me. All i ask is patients my laptop is slow so may be a problem uploading via my tablet and my have to use my mum's which may be once a week or everyother depending on work. Please PM and I will give my email.
Hope to here soon
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#270237 - 05/17/16 11:48 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work! [Re: Wendymr]
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Hi! I'm around and interested in betaing.

I am open to all kinds of stories, but I ask that any pairing of Lois/other or Clark/other be left off the table. Lois and a version of Clark? Count me in! Lois/Luthor? ikes unless there's some sort of specific reason for it (ex. season one and Lois is investigating Luthor).

I don't know if I'm the best for grammar, but as a native speaking American, I should be able to keep the slang from being off-kilter.

I do have three kids (youngest a year) so whether or not I will have time to give a quick turnaround I'm unsure of.

PM me for my email if interested!
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