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#145562 - 01/22/05 09:03 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Mad Dog Lane Offline

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Willing Best - Reader

Several fics of experience;

Especialized in finding glitches, detailed FDK, readers' reactions, babbling and Lex supporting.

1-1000 pages story. FDK in 1-5 days;

References: SQD, Joey, Farneighgal, and Laura;


Willing Professional Clip Finder

Especialized in any type of scenes from plastic plates to Elvis' stories.

1-1000 scenes in a few seconds.

References: Rachel, Julie, and SaraSKFoLC.

Satisfaction guaranted or your money back.

Please contact MDL on her e-mail address, by fax, or by smoke signs.
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#145563 - 01/28/05 03:40 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
sandrad Offline

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I would just love to BR or help brainstorm! I'm going to be having a bit of time on my hands from now until May, but fanfics are always at the top of my priorities anyway, so I'll make time if the story is long and BRing extends into that period. smile I'll take the commitment seriously, and I'm pretty prompt in replying (immediately, if I happen to receive the story when I'm free, to 48 hours).

I don't have too much experience, but I'm really enthusiastic, and I always have a steady stream of ideas. Length is not an issue at all. smile

I love and am willing to read absolutely any kind of story, but my ultimate favourites are Kid/FamilyFics, where Lois is pregnant, or she and Clark have small children (either together or adopted but not only from just one of them). WAFF and angst are fantastic, nfics are great, Alt-Universes, episode re-writes, Alt-Beginnings, What Ifs, drama, Early Years, etc., I love it all. thumbsup

But stuff I can't handle, or I don't enjoy reading as much are:
-deathfics (ugh, I really can't deal with those, even if they're well-written)
-any story in which Lois and/or Clark end up being with someone else other than each other
-slash (though I've never come across any in FoLCdom)
-anything that's too extremely A Plot intensive, because I tend to lose interest and focus

My fdk is usually more about characterisation and the plot, how it makes me feel, if it's making sense, etc. I'm a more logical kind of person, so I'm good at working out kinks with believability issues. I also tend to be able to catch spelling errors/typos very well, but I'm only okay at grammar.

I can communicate through e-mail (preferably with Word attachments), on MSN or Yahoo Messenger...and I've been thinking about getting IRC, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. shocked Only thing I ask for is a clear explanation of what's expected of me in my participation in the creation of the story. Oh, and please don't start a story and stop writing in the middle of it (and, consequently, leaving me hanging) because it's my worst nightmare!

So yes! I have time, so if you need an eager brainstormer, BR, cheerleader, anything, just give me an e-mail!

Mirage smile
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#145564 - 02/12/05 08:31 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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Request for Beta Reader:

I've just finished my story "Third Son." This is NOT a short story. It is 207 pages. The setting is about 30 years into the future from the L&C TV program. It is based on the 4-part series known among some of you as the "New Krypton Arc." This is the scenario wherein Ching and Zara come to Earth to recruit Clark to go back with them to NK to rule; and wherein Lord Nor and some of his thugs attack Smallville and Metropolis.

Thirty some odd years later, give or take, Lois and Clark Kent have raised three sons to young adulthood: "Jonathan Luke, Lane Clark and Mattew Mark. Jon and Lane were born with super powers like their dad. Mark (He goes by "Mark," not "Matt.") was born perfectly healthy, but he's completely normal. He has Terran, not Kryptonian physiology. This is his story.

This is NOT a Harlequin romance story. Lois and Clark are only bit players in the scenario. There are quite a few military references and there are combat scenes, although comparatively little bloodshed.

There is one fairly intense "torture" scene.

What I am asking for:
1. Grammar, spelling and punctuation and any glaring boo boo's such as word omissions or malapropisms. I've spell checked, grammar checked, read and re-read. And STILL I keep finding errors. I think these grammar glitches must breed like rabbits or like ants. But I hope I've caught most of them. My biggest weakness, I think, is misuse of past perfect tense. Maybe a little help on that might be useful. Some of my grammar, MS Word does not like (the little green squiggly underline, mostly, I think, because of my use of passive voice). You may be like Microsoft and HATE passive voice. But I'm not writing a business letter, so I don't find passive voice all that bad. If it were bad, we wouldn't HAVE passive voice. I don't need a debate about that, but if my wording is weak and could be improved, I'd take ANY suggestions, as long as the beef is not about passive voice PER SE. ;o)

Problems with continuity within the plot: I've really TRIED to "idiot check" this thing, but two heads are better than one. As far as perfect consistency with the TV show or with any of the "ages" in the DC "Superman" legend, I totally give up. You'd need to be a PHD in "comic lore" to stay up with that. All I've tried for here is consistency WITHIN this story.

I would like some just good ole "fdk." The touchy feely kind. How did it make you feel? What about your thoughts?

I'm not really sure that this Clark(Superman) character will be to everyone's liking. That's OK. I'm interested in the why's and wherefores of the likes and dislikes, but I do not expect that this character would be everyone's cup of tea.

As for the main character, "Mark Kent," I'm sure some will NOT like him. He has "issues." I think, in his heart, he is essentially a decent soul. But he's no "boy scout."

I've taken some liberties with the storyline in the L&C TV programs upon which my story is based. The true "purists" might not like that. But I took the liberty to make my story fit. Hey, it's a free country. ;o)

I would imagine this solicitation has run a bit long compared to some, like my story. But I wanted to let anyone who might be inclined to volunteer know what they might be getting into.

I would be happy to e-mail the document to whomever might agree to beta my story. I can send it to you in MS Word .doc or in .pdf format. I'd rather NOT send it as a .txt file. I'd loose my text formatting and I've employed a LOT of italics for emphasis.

Note: there is a brief change of font from Times Roman to Courier New. That is deliberate. That short section is intended to simulate the font employed in the military telecommunications system.

Reply to: TagsNOLA@lycos.com

Thanks in advance.


#145565 - 03/09/05 07:18 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I would love to be a BR! smile1 I haven't done it in the fanfic world, but I do an immense amount of writing and editing in my career. I consider myself a constructive critic, but I'm even better at giving praise. I love to see a beautifully written final draft and would help in any way possible. As an avid reader, I am willing to read and BR any type of story.

If you would like me to take a look at what you are writing, please email me! My email address is in my profile.

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#145566 - 03/25/05 04:14 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I love beta reading!

Experience: A Young Wizards fic awhile back, currently a Smallville fic for a friend

Strengths: Spelling & punctuation--I have been spellchecking automatically since I was young, punctuation/grammar mistakes are easy for me to spot too; if a phrase doesn't fit well, if a character just doesn't feel right, I'll probably spot it; I'm American, which will also help if someone needs to make sure they're not using British-isms or slang from anywhere else in the world

Length: Short--much as I LOVE long fics, I spend too much time on the computer already! Though if the fic's chapters were spaced out I wouldn't mind that much.

Preferred types of stories:
Lois and Clark's developing relationship, particularly before she knew he was Superman
Episode adaptations (I love TOGOM rewrites in particular, and would love to see more of The Prankster)
L&C with kids (who MUST have superpowers--I believe that Kryptonian has to produce Kryptonian even with a human laugh therefore I don't like stories as much where Clark's kids aren't superpowered, or only have partial powers)
Any story in which Lois has to let down her guard around Clark and be vulnerable for some reason (I love seeing it every time, lol)
Any story where Lois has to stay over at Clark's for some reason (I don't know why, I just like 'em)
Alt beginnings or AUs (like Meet Me in Kansas City, for instance)
Alt-Clark finds his Lois
Stories about supporting characters

Disliked types of stories:
would prefer that L&C wait till marriage for sex
Tank Endings (or stories that change everything around--i.e. Irene Dutch's last story in her series changes SO much of what happened in the earlier ones, and made me incredibly sad, though it was still good writing)
Tempus-related stories (I put up with him, but he annoys me)
Lois haircut stories (I LOVE her longer hair--the feathered style drives me nuts--sorry, Tank! hehe)
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#145567 - 04/28/05 03:28 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I would be willing to BR. School's done in a week so I'll have even more free time. I always spend a little of my day checking out the MBs and reading stories. I have read tons, although I'm ashamed to say I don't always leave my comments and praise shocked .

Things I'm not partial to:
-Future stories (although some stories with LnC having kids are good, but I don't like one's where it's so far into the future that Clark has remarried, aka NextGen.)
-Extremely long stories
-Stories where LnC end up with people other than each other
-That stupid Imp

I love basically anything else. I love any kind of relationship-y stories: early years, getting together, or married. I don't mind if a story is sad, mainly because they usually get better. And they can be written so well that it's ok to cry smile . I have learned to like Alt-stories too. I don't mind any of the other villains. There is so much that can be done with Luthor and Tempus. Tempus can get annoying, but he's still a good villain. I love reading fanfic so most likely I'll enjoy what you throw at me smile .

I'm decent at spelling and grammar. I can usually pick out characterization problems and such. I can also tell if a story is flowing correctly and those types of things. Just tell me what you expect me to help with and would like comments on. It shouldn't happen, but I don't want to upset or offend anyone! If you are writing, you have my utmost respect!

My contact info is in my profile. Let me know, I'd love to help out!

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#145568 - 04/28/05 06:40 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Terry Leatherwood Offline

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Hi. I'm looking for a female Beta reader willing to work at a fairly rapid pace. I've already hooked up with a pretty strong male Beta who's great with continuity and plot points and pointing out stuff that's in my head but not in my story yet, but neither he nor I are all that good with the touchy-feely stuff that belongs in this kind of fanfic writing.

I usually do longer pieces, usually close to novel-length (60,000 words and longer), and they're almost always alt-world stuff. I also don't mind characters dying within the story, as long as it moves the narrative along. I don't kill characters just to kill characters. I must also warn you that the specific piece I'm working on now has Clark getting together with someone other than Lois. (But it may not be a permanent thing. Not sure about that yet.)

Please let me know if you're interested. I'd like some assistance with plot continuity and general feel, as well as improving my WAFFy quotient. I'm pretty good with grammar and sentence structure, but everybody makes tiepoes - er, typos.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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#145569 - 04/28/05 08:22 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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Terry, this thread is for beta readers to post that they are willing to take on work.

I'd suggest you put your request for a beta in Fanfic Related proper - it's got more chance of being spotted by a potential beta reader there and could well be overlooked in here. smile

Or, of course, you might find the beta you're looking for here in this thread.

LabRat smile

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#145570 - 04/30/05 04:40 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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My mistake, Rat. shocked Terry emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking where he could find a BR and I told him he could post here. I thought it worked both for willing BRs and authors looking for BRs. huh I hadn't realised it was only for willing BRs. shocked

Anyway... Terry, I hope you did find a BR for your story. smile

Kaethel smile
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#145571 - 05/01/05 12:22 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Terry Leatherwood Offline

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Haven't found one yet, but I refuse to give up hope. Anyway, if I was perfect, I'd be mad. And I'm not mad. What I am is pleased that I've found a bunch of people who miss this show as much as I did and have found a way to keep the magic going.

And I'm glad for all the work that the editors put in, the long hours typing and re-typeing - er, retyping - and dealing with people who think THEIR WORK is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE UNIVERSE! Hey, it may be, but not everyone lives in the same reality, right?
It was said among the Khalid of the western deserts that a woman should be a hyena in the kitchen, a giraffe in the garden, and a pelican in the bathroom, although nobody now knew what this was supposed to mean.

#145572 - 05/16/05 04:37 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I am always willing to BR for anyone... I love to read and spend most of my free time on the internet re-reading fanfics as it is, so new ones are always welcome to me...


Don't laugh at that e-mail...my 5 year old nephew said I *must* have it lol... jump
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#145573 - 05/21/05 03:32 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
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I've been working on a couple of fics with my friend shannon and I need someone to read over one of the stories that we have finished it's about 37 pages long. But I will warn you clark is written a little out of character. if you are intrested pls email me at: lisime1@msn.com
and just put in the subject: " BR FOLC" so if it goes to my junk folder I know it's you guys.
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#145574 - 07/28/05 02:12 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Lois Lane - 9397 Offline

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I've gotten more settled in and my muse is going into overdrive, so I'd like to request a Beta Reader to help me out with any grammar mistakes I haven't caught, feedback on story content and any other issues I'd like to bounce off.

Recently, I just completed posting Part 1 of my ADITLOM writer's group story. It's NC-17, but I'm also thinking about toning it down to PG-13 for LnC fanfic archive upload.

This is where I need help! It's fairly lenghty, so I'll be sending it in probably 20 page sections at a time so the BR won't be overwhelmed.

Please email me at LoisLane9397@aol.com if interested!

Also if you live in the Washington state area and you're interested in being BR, I'd be more than happy to meet in person to discuss my story as you read through it.

Thanks! smile
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#145575 - 11/20/05 06:38 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
Squirky Offline

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Hey, everyone! I'm new to the forums but not the fanfics. I don't have time to write (med students generally don't :p ), but I'm more than willing to beta read for anyone that wants help. I'm *especially* good with grammar and spelling, I find flaws of continuity and bumpy phrasing, and I love a good plot! I'll work with any genre. I'm Texan, so although I usually use American spellings, I'm aware and used to British English as well. Because I'm not on ICQ, email me with work at albino226 at sbcglobal.net. I'll try to have it done within a week, if not sooner, depending on the length of the manuscript and my exam schedules.

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#145576 - 07/11/06 03:19 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
datchickukindaknow Offline

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Hi, and yes I know I'm extremely late to the thread but hey huh .

I would love to beta read for someone out there. I dont actually write fics myself, but I'm good bounce ideas off. I've never beta read for anyone before but that just mean you can mold and shape me to what works best for you. I have enough free time on my hands now that I can almost always be available to you.
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#145577 - 07/14/06 08:41 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
MadameButterfly Offline
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Jumping in a little late as well-

I'd love to BR around here. I used to BR a lot with X-Files fic, so I have some experience. I'm usually pretty good with grammar, spelling, and syntax and I promise an honest reaction to the storylines/characters/etc.

Things that I really don't enjoy:
Lois and Clark with children
Alt-universe stories. I don't mind as much the AU meetings (like Meet Me in St. Louis or When Larry Met Charlie, both of which I loved). I don't really like the AU presented in the show. Just didn't do anything for me.

Everything else, I think, is fair game. I love revelation stories. I love anything to do with TOGOM, which is probably my favorite episode of the series. I don't mind long stories.

Overall, my commentary is usually very detailed and I offer a lot of suggestions. I'm a very "active" BR, if that makes sense.

So, if you need someone to look over your story, I've got some free time on my hands and am more than willing to help out.
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#145578 - 10/20/06 12:32 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
LLCK Offline
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I am new to the boards so, obviously I am late. wink

But I've written a couple of stories which seem to need BRing, really because English isn't my first language.

My first story has been posted, titled Midnight Moods.

The other one, too is a small family-story, and I desperately need somebody to BR it.

Somebody please, HELP!

#145579 - 10/23/06 04:00 PM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
rivka Offline

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Once upon a time, I used to beta. Then life (and my job) started sucking up more and more of my time, and I gradually flaked out on people. shocked

That was several years ago. Life is a bit calmer, and my job is FAR calmer (mostly because it's a very different job! laugh )

So I'd like to try betaing again. smile

I have three kids and work full-time, so I can't promise quick turn-around, and cannot commit to really long fics. But I can spot a misplaced comma at ten paces or slice a run-on sentence down to size. I've been known to make helpful suggestions on occasion (even my kids admit this occasionally), and I usually LOL and ROFL and *cry* at all the right places.

I adore angst, including well-written deathfics. I generally like kidfics too.

Email, PM, carrier pigeon -- just drop me a line. smile
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#145580 - 03/18/07 06:53 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
The Little Tornado Offline

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I am willing to BR. I have great grammar and I am wonderful at spelling.

And I am up to BR anything however please note that I usually do not like the fanfics that deal with Lois and Clark and what happens to their kids when they grow up - so it might take a little longer for me to get through those and get back to you. Though of course I might just like a story exactly like that so much that you might get my comments on it immediately.

I look forward to wielding a red pen soon.


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#145581 - 06/17/07 02:54 AM Re: Willing Beta Readers looking for work!
sammie Offline

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im willing to beta read. i may not be good at puntuation actually im not good at it that much at all but my spellings quite good and ive got quite abit of time on my hands. nfic aswell.
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